Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Had A Dream

I had 2 exams. English paper one and paper two. Both were easy. But after chatting with some friends from SSBR, I realized I missed out section A which costs 10 marks in both papers. I never got less than an A in English so I had to do something.

As I walked out, I was in my primary school. Although it feels weird, I didn't care. Walked up and down looking for the teacher's office. Even asked a few young students but they didnt know.

Later, one small kid called me with public phone a few times. I then rewarded him with a Genting badge and some money. Then, one female primary schoolmate of mine appeared and brought me to the office. That was the same primary school office.

I looked for the first teacher. I never met her before, but somehow knew it was her. But this time the office transformed into half a classroom. A class was going on but this teacher was sitting ate one corner doing her work.

I talked to her and reasoned with her. She said I did the questions confidently but was careless. then showed me the paper and said I missed 2 questions. So she gave me 1 mark. I was shocked, but since I scored 49/50 I thanked her and went off.

After that, I walked out and looked for the next teacher. Kept thinking who was the one that replaced the exam class. Then, I just spotted Pn Ranjit.

That room was a full classroom and she and students were discussing about exam papers. I went in and she asked why I was there. I told her my mistake and want to retake the first section. She said she liked my reasoning. Then, I went forward to talk to her.

I then noticed a stack of exam papers which were drenched in Watermelon juice. But, she took out my paper from another pile and it was highlighted with many colors. She then told me how my structured answers could be better. And I nodded.

After that, she took my paper and put it somewhere. Just then,


I know. So anticlimactic and illogical. But that's how dreams are right? :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Learnt how to merge files! Yeah!
Thanks Pn Wong! :)